Let us tell you our story!

Who we are?

      We are a group of students who graduated from the Academy of Design and Fine Arts in 2018. After graduation, we love clothing and design, and we decided to open our own clothing store. We took the first pot of gold from our graduation work and opened our first clothing store. From 2018 to the present, we have opened three stores one after another, and we have also gained a large number of customers who love our clothing.

      Now, we want our clothing to be seen by more people than just the one shop on the street, so we decided to sell our clothing online. Hopefully, they can get more likes.

      We are committed to bringing cool and beautiful fashion items and the concept of "no boundaries and no boundaries" to everyone who pursues fashion. Our high-street style fits into the current diversified society, breaks the inherent boundaries and prejudices, and makes The setting is no longer its own label, and it shows the expression of the opposite and complementary personality.


Our slogan

Break the shackles and frames and be your own unique queen.


Brand VI


We'd love to hear from you - please use the following email address to send us your message or ideas. Or simply pop in for a cup of fresh tea and a cookie

Email: support@girlkino.com

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